FIM Women's Speedway Academy

We are delighted to confirm Manchester will host the 2023 FIM Women’s Speedway Academy on August 4 & 5.
28 February 2023 by
Hayley Bromley
Belle Vue Speedway is delighted to announce that the National Speedway Stadium will host the 2023 FIM Women’s Speedway Academy on August 4 & 5.

Following on from last year’s event in Diedenbergen in Germany that forged close cooperation between the FIM Women in Motorcycling Commission (CFM) and the FIM Track Racing Commission (CCP), the 2023 FIM Women’s Speedway Academy is supported by the FIM, ACU, FIM Academy, CFM and CCP in conjunction with main partners ATPI and Team GB.

World-class tuition will be laid on with trainers including four-time World Champion Jason Crump and FIM SGP Race Director Phil Morris taking to the shale. They will be joined by Team GB Speedway experts Rob Painter and Vicky Blackwell along with multi-time Australian Champion and 2020 British Champion Rory Schlein.

The two-day masterclass will cover all aspects of racing from on-track techniques, nutrition and physical preparation to machine maintenance and set-up.

Janika Judeika, FIM Women in Motorcycling commission director: “The FIM Women in Motorcycling commission is proud to support the 2023 edition of the ATPI Women’s Speedway Academy taking place in Manchester in collaboration with the FIM Track Racing commission.

“After a very successful 2022 training event, we’re excited to help even more female riders develop their skills and knowledge in this discipline, and build on last years’ experience to deliver even stronger, more impactful and geographically diverse training.

“Our commission aims to develop the sport and the activities for women – the talented riders, motivated organizers and devoted colleagues make working for this aim a true pleasure! I thank everyone involved in this project and look forward to seeing it come to life in August.Ian Sinderson, ATPI Chief Executive Officer: “We are delighted to be at the forefront of such a ground-breaking moment for women in motorsport and world speedway.

“ATPI have been a company proud to seek diversity and inclusion in both business and sport. This is a wonderful addition to the speedway calendar.

“We have been a long supporter of eight-times FIM Women’s Trial World Champion Emma Bristow, this is another chapter in our backing of equality in sport. We are excited to partner the FIM Women's Academy at the National Speedway Stadium and anticipate a new era for the sport, starting in Manchester.”Armando Castagna, FIM Track Racing commission director: “With pleasure and pride, I'm happy to see that the Women Speedway Academy is getting bigger and it is improving fast, we started last year in Germany and we had a very short time of preparation, but we started it.

“Now, it is getting so much interest from many countries and federations around the world, that we decided to put a lot more efforts into it, as it deserves.

“We have partners like ATPI and GB Speedway Team that are supporting it totally, we have Manchester Speedway that is behind it giving a fantastic venue with good organisation, together with ACU, so I'm sure that it will be successful. And let me say thank you to everyone involved in this project, as I can see it improving all the time.”Vicky Blackwell, Great Britain Marketing Director and Rob Painter, Great Britain Managing Director: “We were absolutely delighted to hear that Manchester will host the FIM Women's Speedway Academy after the success of last year's event in Germany, we are sure that all the attendees will be looking forward to experiencing the fantastic racetrack and academy activities in Manchester.”Mark Lemon, Belle Vue Speedway CEO: “Belle Vue Speedway are delighted having the opportunity to host the FIM Women’s Speedway Academy for the very first time at Manchester's National Speedway Stadium in the United Kingdom. 

“With the increasing numbers of women in motorsport, the discipline of motorcycle speedway is certainly being no different. The academy being held at the National Speedway Stadium here in Manchester is sure to be the perfect way forward to help develop, enhance skills and fast track confidence when riding around one of the best Speedway tracks in the UK if not the world. 

“We look forward to working with the FIM in creating opportunities to see more women competitors being able to participate in Speedway.”

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