Terms & Conditions


Customer services for Belle Vue Speedway 2017 Limited can be found at:

National Speedway Stadium, 148 Kirkmanshulme Lane, Manchester, M12 4WB; Tel: 0161 669 4554.


Please note that stadium regulations do not permit customers to bring their own food and drink into the stadium.


Notice: Entry to the National Stadium (‘the Stadium’) is expressly subject to acceptance of these Regulations.

Entry to the Stadium shall constitute acceptance of these regulations. The Stadium is situated in the Belle Vue Sports Village complex which houses a number of other sports premises and car parks.

  1. Permission to enter or to remain within the Stadium (notwithstanding possession of any ticket) is at absolute discretion of Belle Vue Speedway 2017 Limited (BVS) and police officer or authorised steward. Any person ejected from the Stadium may also be prevented from attending further events.

  2. BVS excludes to the maximum extent permitted by law any liability for loss, injury or damage to person/property in or around the Stadium.

  3. No guarantees can be given by BVS that an event will take place at a particular time or on a particular date and BVS reserves the right to reschedule the event without notice and without any liability whatsoever.

  4. In the event of the postponement or abandonment of the even, refunds (if any) will be made in accordance with BVS policy. BVS will have no further liability whatsoever, including (but not limited to) loss of enjoyment or travel costs.

  5. All persons seeking entrance to the Stadium acknowledge BVS’s right to search any person entering the Stadium and refuse entry to or eject from the Stadium. BVS may prohibit attendance at future events.

  6. The use of threatening behaviour, foul or abusive language is strictly forbidden and may result in arrest and/or ejection from the Stadium. BVS may prohibit attendance at future events.

    1. Racial abuse, chanting or harassment is strictly forbidden and may result in arrest and/or ejection from the Stadium. BVS may prohibit attendance at future events.

    2. The Following acts could result in a person being ejected and prohibiting from future events:

      1. The throwing of any object within the Stadium without lawful authority or excuse.

      2. The chanting of anything of an indecent, homophobic or racialist nature.

iii. Entry onto the Track or Pit areas or any other area to which spectators are not generally admitted without lawful authority or excuse.

  1. All persons entering areas of the Stadium with reserved seats may only occupy the seat allocated to them by their ticket and must not move from any part of the stadium to another without the express permission of instruction of any steward and/or police officer.

  2. Nobody may stand in any seating area whilst a race is in progress. Persistent standing in seated areas whilst racing is in progress is strictly forbidden and may result in ejection from the stadium.

  3. The obstruction of gangways, access ways, exits and entrances, stairways and like places is strictly forbidden. Nobody entering the venue shall be permitted to climb any structures within that venue.

a. This is a no smoking Stadium, smoking is strictly forbidden, this includes the use of electronic cigarettes or similar devices. Any person found smoking may be ejected from the Stadium.

  1. Mobile telephones and other mobile devises are permitted within the Ground PROVIDED THAT (i) they are used for personal and private use only (which, the avoidance of doubt and by way of example only, shall not include the capturing, logging, recording, transmitting, playing, issuing, showing, or any other communication of any Material for any commercial purpose); and (ii) no Material that is captured by a mobile telephone or other mobile devise may be published or otherwise made available to any third parties including, without limitation, via social networking sites.

  2. BVS can prevent any person entering the stadium for the following reasons:
    a. Attempting to enter the Stadium whilst drunk:
    b. Being in possession of any intoxicating liquor, bottle, can or other portable container

    and which could cause damage or personal injury, when entering the Stadium.

  3. No person (other than a person who holds an appropriate license) may bring into the

    Stadium or use within the venues any equipment (excluding mobile phones) that is capable of recording and transmitting (by digital or other means) any audio, visual or audio-visual material or any information or data in relation to the event or the venue. Copyright in any unauthorised recording or transmission is assigned (by way of present assignment of future copyright pursuant to section 91 of the Copyright Designs and Patents Ace 1988) to BVS.

  4. No goods (including literature) of any nature may be offered either free or for sale by any person within the Stadium without the express written permission of BVS.

a. Tickets are not transferable and may not be offered for sale within the Stadium without the prior written permission of BVS. Any tickets offered for sale may be confiscated by a steward.

  1. CCTV cameras are in use around and in the Stadium and BVS may themselves use or pass to the police or any authority and recording for use in any proceedings.

  2. At all times whilst present in the Stadium, persons must comply with any and all instructions of any steward and/or police officer. Failure to comply with any instruction may lead to immediate ejection from the Stadium.

  3. Food and drink will not be permitted into the Stadium.

  4. The following articles must not be brought within the Stadium: -

a. Firearms, Flash photography, Knives, Flags, Smoke Canisters, Scooters, skateboards and other skates, Dangerous or hazardous items Bottles, glass vessels, cans, Trumpets, Poles (longer than one metre) Flares, Weapons, Balls, Frisbees or similar items Unauthorised fliers, Laser devises, Transmitting devices, Fireworks, Spray paint, Illegal Substances Vuvuzelas And any article that might be used as a weapon and/or compromise public safety. Any person in possession of such items will be refused entry to the Stadium.

18. BVS reserves absolutely the right to refuse entry to the Stadium or eject from the Stadium any person that fails (or in the Clubs opinion is likely to fail) to comply with any of the Stadium Regulations or whose presence within the Stadium is, or could, reasonably be construed as constituting a source of danger, nuisance or annoyance to any other person. This could lead to further action by BVS including, but not limited to, the withdrawal of any other tickets to subsequent events (without reimbursement) and other benefits.

a. Entry to the Stadium shall constitute acceptance if the Stadium Regulations. b. These Regulations are in addition to any conditions that are contained on the

Admission ticket.


Tickets.com Policy Regarding Ticket Purchases

The following policy applies to your purchase of tickets directly through us via our website at www.tickets.com. These policies are subject to our Terms of Use which are incorporated by reference.

Further Information About Events
Your attendance at an event may be subject to additional terms or restrictions of the venue or promoter. You should review your tickets for any additional information that may apply to your attendance at an event.


The venue or the event promoter determines policies relating to the cancellation of an event, not us. These policies can vary, but generally, such policies provide a refund of the ticket price.

If an event is cancelled, we will attempt to contact you and advise you of the venue or promoter's policy for obtaining a refund to that event.

When we issue a refund to you on behalf of the event promoter, as a result of a cancellation, we will refund the price that you paid for your ticket.

Service fees, processing fees and any other fees, such as delivery fees, are not refundable. Policies regarding postponed events vary by venue.

If an event is postponed, you should contact the venue directly to obtain information about postponed dates of the event and if there is an applicable refund policy.


In an effort to give fans an opportunity to purchase tickets to an event, venues and promoters often set limits on the number of tickets one customer or household is allowed to purchase.

You will be advised of any limits on tickets by a posting on the “buy” page for the event, or by a system limitation on the number of tickets you may purchase during your online session.

Tickets purchased for an event during multiple online sessions on our website are added up to ensure that any venue or promoter imposed limitations are not exceeded.

When customers exceed these limits, their orders may not be fulfilled.


Ticket availability is subject to change. We do not control the number of tickets or the location of seats that are made available for purchase

Sometimes promoters and venues release additional tickets for an event after it has gone on sale. Tickets are also “locked” (not available) for a short time while customers complete their purchase.

If a customer does not complete his or her purchase, previously locked tickets are released and made available for purchase.

For these reasons and others, the tickets available for a given event can and do change rapidly. If you are unable to find tickets to an event, please check back again.

Once your purchase has been completed however, we are not allowed to exchange or refund your order even if additional tickets become available at a later date.


If the amount you pay for a ticket is obviously incorrect, regardless of whether it is an error in a price posted on this web site or otherwise communicated to you, or you are able to order a ticket before its scheduled on-sale date, then we reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to cancel your order and refund to you the amount that you paid. This policy will apply regardless of how the error occurred.


All sales completed though us are final.

Our client venues do not allow us to refund or exchange any order once it has been confirmed unless the venue or event promoter instructs us to provide a refund on cancellation or postponement, so please be sure you have selected the proper event and seat locations prior to completing your order.

Once tickets are issued, they will not be replaced or refunded if lost or stolen.


You understand that the resale of tickets may be restricted by law in certain circumstances.

Any violation of any relevant law may result in your prosecution.

Unlawful resale (or attempted unlawful resale) of a ticket is grounds for seizure or cancellation of that ticket without refund or other compensation.

We assume no liability arising from your resale or attempted resale of tickets purchased through us