Lidsey Sets Sights On Improvement in '24

The 24-year-old finished fourth overall in the 2024 Australian Speedway Championships
18 January 2024 by
Hayley Bromley

JAIMON Lidsey expressed his delight at a return to the National Speedway Stadium, and is targeting further improvement after adding over 2 points to his 2023 starting average.

He said: “It was great to be back racing for Belle Vue. It had been a long time coming, as I was down to be racing back in 2020but then Covid put paid to those plans. 

“It was always going to take some time to get going after being away for nearly four years but once I found my feet I felt good, everything worked well, and my average shot right up. 

“Although we didn’t make the final this year, we had a fantastic season. We were the most consistent performers and we finished top of the Premiership as a result. 

“The team dynamic was amazing and the supporters were so welcoming, and I’m looking forward to another fantastic year.” 

With the news of the closure of Wolverhampton and Peterborough, two new clubs have stepped into the top flight fray in the form of Birmingham and Oxford. 

Two tracks that the 2016 World U-21 Champion has never seen, let alone ridden before, Lidsey is excited to see what new challenges the league newcomers will bring. 

He said: “It was a massive blow to the sport to lose Wolves and Peterborough, but it’s great to see two clubs come into the Premiership to keep it at seven teams. 

“I’ve never ridder either Birmingham or Oxford but I’m looking forward to going there. It’s a new experience for me and more opportunities to learn and grow. 

“That’s something that I wanted to really focus on this year, and having those changes of environment I feel will keep me sharp which is one of the reasons I’ve switched teams in Poland. 

“I had a mazing few years with Leszno but I just got to the stage where I needed that change, that new challenge and I feel Grudziadz will give me that. 

“It’s one of those tracks that not a lot of riders like and if I can get myself dialled in it’ll hopefully make me a better rider, and in turn pay dividends for me at Belle Vue as well.” 

While also enjoying quality time with his young family over the festive period, Lidsey wasn’t waiting around to jump back on a bike in his native Australia. 

The 24-year-old put himself down for a number of post-Christmas meetings before preparing to head out on the road for the 2024 Australian Solo Championships. 

He completed his campaign fourth overall in the standings, after a consistently strong performance, and it was enough to earn him a place in the 2024 Speedway Grand Prix Qualifiers.

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Image: Taylor Lanning

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