Marson On A Mission

The Aussie-born racer is set to spend his second consecutive season in Manchester.
19 February 2024 by
Hayley Bromley

MATT Marson has been a busy man since the 2023 NDL wrapped up, and he’s already making preparations for his return to the National Speedway Stadium.

The Aussie-born racer is set to spend his second consecutive season in Manchester but at present is at home in Australia taking in the racing scene in his homeland. 

Having only started his British career in the last five years, Marson admits that his time with Mildenhall afforded him an excellent learning curve and introduction to the sport in the UK.

Since joining Belle Vue last season, the gradient certainly became much steeper but the 23-year-old says he definitely saw improvement in his racing after a full year at the NSS. 

He said: “Those first few years for me were very much getting used to all the new tracks and adjusting my style to suit them, which is something I really had to work on Belle Vue.

“With the pandemic, I ended up not racing for a very long time and I felt like a lot of the progress I’d made before then had been lost, so it’s like I had to start afresh. 

“I couldn’t fault the management team at Belle Vue. Mark [Lemon], Steve [Williams] and Graham [Goodwin] were so understanding of the situation and they put their faith in me last year. 

“I definitely saw a lot of improvement over the course of the season, and I’m feeling very positive about the New Year because I know what to expect and what I have to do. 

“I want to continue to improve, I want to be chasing the heat leader positions and to continue to build on my skill at home; I feel like I’m most efficient at away meetings at the moment. 

“I’m hoping that, with improvement will come a chance to maybe step up to the Championship. I’ve a few guest bookings in the past but never anything permanent. 

“But I’m not purposefully vying for a spot. If it happens, it happens and I’ll take the opportunity but even so, I am determined to put everything I have into Belle vue in 2024.”

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Image: Eddie Garvey

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