Meeting Preview - Aces At Full Strength For Ipswich Encounter

BELLE Vue are aiming to consolidate their place in the 2023 Sports Insure Premiership play offs, with Ipswich their next stop on the road on July 13
13 July 2023 by
Hayley Bromley

BELLE Vue are aiming to consolidate their place in the 2023 Sports Insure Premiership play offs in the coming weeks as they next turn their attention to Ipswich on Thursday, July 13. 

The ATPI Aces secured the aggregate bonus point over Wolverhampton on Monday after being edged out on the night at Monmore Green and remain 8 points clear at the top of the league table.  

The reigning champions are expected to be at full strength for the trip to Foxhall, with Dan Bewley none the worse for wear after crashing heavily in Heat 11 against the Wolves.  

And despite failing to score on his debut appearance, new Rising Star Connor Bailey showed plenty of promise and determination and is eager to claim his first top flight points at Ipswich.  

The ATPI Aces have a strong affinity for the Foxhall track, having won 41-49 there already this season as well as having enjoyed plenty of previous successes there last year.  

The Witches, meanwhile, are on the hunt to salvage their play off ambitions and currently sit fifth in the Premiership, five points behind fourth-placed Sheffield.  

They too are at full strength, with international stars Emil Sayfutdinov and Jason Doyle leading the charge, and team boss Mark Lemon says his side will take nothing for granted.  

He said: “We’re getting down to the business end of our campaign and with the effort the boys have put in these past few months, we have at least one foot in the play offs at this point.  

“After Dan’s crash on Monday, we’re relieved to say he’s fit and ready for this fixture and we’ll need all the boys to be on point because this won’t be an easy night.  

“We have seven meetings left to race and we fully intend to make the most of each one, and Ipswich is a place we have proven track record for success.  

“But while that does give us confidence, they will be as determined as ever to prevent us from making any headway. Time is running out for the Witches and that makes them dangerous opponents.” 

The ATPI Aces head to Ipswich this Thursday, July 13 for another intensive clash with the witches at Foxhall, tapes up at 7:30pm. 


Ipswich ‘TruMix’ Witches: Emil Sayfutdinov 9.80, Keynan Rew 4.00, Danny King (C) 6.73, Erik Riss 5.93, Jason Doyle 9.66, Danyon Hume 3.92, Dan Thompson (RS); TM: Ritchie Hawkins  
Belle Vue ‘ATPI’ Aces: Dan Bewley 8.28, Norick Blodorn 5.69, Jaimon Lidsey 7.25, Charles Wright 6.67, Brady Kurtz (C) 8.28, Tom Brennan 5.66, Connor Bailey RS; TM: Mark Lemon  

Image: Ian Charles

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