Meeting Preview - Double Bank Holiday Battle With Wolves

The reigning Premiership champions hope to further consolidate their status as league leaders when they face Wolverhampton on May 29.
28 May 2023 by
Hayley Bromley

REIGNING Premiership Champions Belle Vue hope to further consolidate their status as league leaders when they face Wolverhampton in another Bank Holiday double bill on Monday, May 29 at 12pm. 

The ATPI Aces currently sit on 12 points at the top of the Premiership table, with the Parrys International Wolves trailing them by just 3 points in second place. 

The two sides recently met in the Knockout Cup when the visitors cruised into the semi-finals, but not before Manchester’s finest had dealt them some long-awaited payback for their Monmore defeat. 

After the afternoon fixture at the National Speedway Stadium, they hope to set the record straight when they journey to the Black Country for an 8pm start at the Ladbroke Stadium. 

The ATPI Aces will be without Norick Blodorn on Bank Holiday, as he competes in the SGP Qualifier in Germany, and the club have booked the popular Paco Castagna to guest at No.6. 

And for the first time since the start of the season, Wolverhampton look to finally track their full 1-7 with the return of American sensation Luke Becker to their team. 

Belle Vue No.4 Charles Wright said: “This will be a big meeting for both teams. It’s first versus second in the league and we’ve always had a fierce but respectful rivalry with Wolverhampton. 

“There’s the possibility of five league points on offer on Monday and we absolutely will be targeting that, and we do have some unfinished business with them at Monmore Green. 

“As a team, we have turned our form around dramatically in recent weeks, we’ve learned a lot of lessons and are much better prepared for the challenge Wolves will bring this time.” 

The ATPI Aces go up against the Wolverhampton Wolves, this time in Premiership competition, in Manchester on Monday, March 29 at 12:00pm, and at Monmore Green at 8pm.

Then, on Monday, June 5, they face the much anticipated return of their Suffolk rivals the Ipswich Witches to the National Speedway Stadium, and the first Manchester appearance of Emil Sayfutdinov.

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Belle Vue ‘ATPI’ Aces: Dan Bewley 8.46, Tom Brennan 5.71, Jaimon Lidsey 7.23, Charles Wright 6.92, Brady Kurtz (C) 8.11, Paco Castagna (G) 5.50, Jake Mulford RS; TM: Mark Lemon

Wolverhampton ‘Parrys International’ Wolves: Sam Masters (C) 8.21, Steve Worrall 6.62, Luke becker 7.11, Ryan Douglas 6.49, Rory Schlein 7.20, Zach Cook 4.00, Leon Flint RS; TM: Peter Adams

Image: Ian Charles

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