2023 NDL Format Confirmed

The 2023 National Development League format has now been agreed, with eight clubs participating.
14 January 2023 by
Hayley Bromley
EIGHT participants have been confirmed for the 2023 National Development League following a meeting of clubs on Friday.

Armadale and Mildenhall have been welcomed back into the competition having been granted additional time to secure their future, with both clubs announcing early in the New Year that they would indeed return to the tapes.

They join defending champions Leicester, Belle Vue, Berwick, Kent, Oxford and newcomers Workington in the NDL, with the points limit having been set at 42.00 in November.

Clubs will compete over a one home, one away league format, with the key change from last season being that the play-offs will only be contested by the top two, who automatically reach the Grand Final.

This decision has been taken in order to maximise rider availability at the end of the season, particularly in the case of those who double-up in the Championship, and to enable the title-deciding meetings to take place in a timely manner.

The issues encountered in the closing stages of the 2022 season were discussed and it was felt that the best compromise solution has now been reached.

The KO Cup will also continue with four clubs taking part: holders Leicester and stand-alone teams Kent, Mildenhall and Workington, with the draw to follow at a later date.

With Premiership and Championship fixture lists now in place, clubs will work on NDL fixture planning, and these will be published as soon as they are agreed.  

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