Meeting Preview - Aces On The Trail Of The Stars

The ATPI Aces are excited about their upcoming Premiership league matches at King’s Lynn on June 8
7 June 2023 by
Hayley Bromley

CLUB boss Mark Lemon says his team is excited about their upcoming Premiership league matches against King’s Lynn, with the Belle Vue ‘ATPI’ Aces destined for Norfolk on Thursday, June 8. 

The Minors & Brady Stars made headlines with their recent signing of 2021 World Speedway Champion Artem Laguta, who this year makes his first British league appearance. 

With Monday’s victory over Suffolk rivals Ipswich, the ATPI Aces put themselves back at the top of the Sports Insure Premiership which they can further consolidate with victory at the Adrian Flux Arena. 

The reigning league champions have an excellent record around the Stars home shale while the home team have so far endured a miserable campaign to date.

Not even the Artem effect was enough to prevent yet another defeat, with Belle Vue’s local rivals Sheffield running riot at Saddlebow Road last week.

And Lemon is confident his boys can put in an equally strong shift, given their affinity for the track and the positive momentum they’ve generated over the past few weeks. 

The Belle Vue boss said: “Being back at the top of the Premiership is fantastic for the club, it’s a place we like to be but in terms of the league as it stands it’s not as significant at this point. 

“But the scoreboard pressure is creeping in, certainly for other clubs who haven’t perhaps had the start to their campaign that they were hoping for. 

“But for us, things are going very well. All the boys are enjoying their Speedway, it’s showing in their performances, and we are pretty excited about Thursday’s match. 

“I’m definitely excited to see Artem Laguta racing around King’s Lynn. We had Emil [Sayfutdinov] at Belle Vue on Monday and it’s great to see big names like these in British Speedway. 

“As a club, we’ve had some mixed results at the Adrian Flux Arena but generally, we do like to ride there, and the Stars haven’t had the start to their season that they would’ve wanted.

“Sheffield did a real number on them last week which is something we will be looking to repeat. 

“But I think we will find they are more prepared this time, but if we can continue our current form we can get the job done.” 

The ATPI Aces travel to King’s Lynn on Thursday, June 8 with tapes up at 7:30pm in the 2023 Sports Insure Premiership. 


King’s Lynn ‘MacInnes’ Stars: Artem Laguta 8.00, Thomas Jorgensen 6.24, Frederik Jakobsen 6.39, Nicolai Klindt 6.64, Michael Palm Toft 6.85, Kye Thomson 4.45, Jason Edwards RS; TM: Alex BradyBelle Vue ‘ATPI’ Aces: Dan Bewley 8.62, Tom Brennan 5.78, Jaimon Lidsey 7.23, Charles Wright 7.06, Brady Kurtz (C) 8.41, Norick Blodorn 5.56, Jake Mulford RS; TM: Mark Lemon

Image: Ian Charles

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