Belle Vue Experience


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Belle Vue Experience

Track Day

PLEASE NOTE: Participants must bring their own Speedway motorcycle(s), riding and protective equipment. No equipment is provided by the Organisers.


When you arrive you will be asked to sign a copy of the below declaration. Failure to sign this declaration on the day will result in you not being able to take part in the experience day and you will not be eligible for a refund.


  1. I recognise that Speedway motorcycle activities are dangerous and involve the risk of death or serious injury.
  2. I am sufficiently competent to ride and otherwise operate the speedway motorcycle(s) which I will be riding at the Experience Day and that such competence is appropriate my level of speedway riding competence which I have represented on my registration form.
  3. I will confirm that the track features, track design and layout and method of operation are suitable given my riding ability and that the track is in a condition that is acceptable to me. Should it become apparent that the track is unsuitable, in an unacceptable condition or not suited to my riding ability, I will return safely to the pits at end of my lap.
  4. I acknowledge that the Experience Day will be conducted under SCB Regulations and I will provide a copy of my professional or Amateur ACU licence or will apply on the day for a one-event SCB training licence (maximum of 3 per year across all events I participate in). I will abide by all SCB Regulations while taking part in the Experience Day.
  5. I declare that my speedway motorcycle, equipment and protective equipment are in a safe condition and suitable for the activity for which I have attended today.
  6. I am in good health and my eyesight is up to the standard required to be eligible for a full motorcycle road licence or SCB licence.
  7. I declare that I am not suffering from any medical condition that may affect the safety of myself or other persons and that I am not under and will not be under the influence of alcohol and/or any drugs (prescribed or otherwise) that may impair my ability to take part.
  8. I acknowledge and accept that at all times that I am solely responsible for any decision as to my fitness to undertake such activity and as to whether to continue and/or to discontinue to ride a speedway motorcycle in my possession in undertaking such activity.
  9. I recognise that speedway practice is a non-competitive activity and therefore racing is not permitted.
  10. I am aware that there will be other participants using the track at the same time.
  11. I have read and understood the rules that apply to the track including (but not limited to) the following
    1. No riding in the pits areas
    2. The meaning of the various marshall flags and what to do when they are shown.
  12. I will attend the rider and safety briefing prior to entering the track and confirm.
    1. I will attend the briefing for its full duration;
    2. I will listen to the full content of the briefing;
    3. I will fully understand the content of the briefing; and ask questions where I have any queries until I understand the content of the briefing.
    4. I shall at all times abide by the content of such briefing without any exception.
  13. I acknowledge that the organisers are not a training organisation and that it provides the Experience Day to participants with sufficient skill and knowledge to be able to ride their speedway motorcycle bike on the track.
  14. If I am unsure of the above or any other rules, I will discuss them with the organiser or marshalls before continuing.
  15. Without prejudice to any of the above, I acknowledge and accept that Belle Vue Speedway 2017 Limited and/or the Stadium Operator personnel reserve the right without notice to remove me from the Stadium (including all property at which the Stadium is located) in the event of any breach (including any reasonably suspected breach) of the confirmations given above and/or in the event that Belle Vue Speedway 2017 Limited and/or the Stadium Operator personnel reasonably consider my actions (including any of those persons for whom I am responsible) at any time whilst undertaking such activity to pose any unreasonable risk and/or danger to any other person present at the Stadium (including all property at which the Stadium is located) and whether or not such persons are participating in the motorsport activity referred to on this Registration Form.
  16. I will not make any claim against Belle Vue Speedway 2017 Limited and/or the Stadium Operator or Owner (including any officers, directors, or other personnel engaged by either of them) in respect of any injury or other damage sustained by me and/or to any Speedway bike brought onto the venue premises by me (or on my behalf) during the event PROVIDED THAT nothing shall be deemed to be any attempt by Belle Vue Speedway 2017 Limited and/or the Stadium Operator or Owner to limit or exclude any liability which it (respectively) may have in respect of any personal injury or death which is caused as a result of the negligence of Belle Vue Speedway 2017 Limited or the Stadium Operator / Owner (respectively).
  17. If under the age of 18, my parent / guardian has read the above and signed next to my signature to confirm that they agree with the declaration.


Tickets for this Event are Sold Out
Date & Time
Sunday, 22 October 2023
11:00 16:00 (Europe/London)

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Belle Vue Speedway

National Speedway Stadium
Kirkmanshulme lane
M12 4WB
United Kingdom

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